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Allegations of joke theft is a recurring issue in the comedy world, across various mediums. The most recent instance involves claims of plagiarism against the FuckJerry Instagram account, with comedy editor Megh Wright spurring a movement to unfollow the popular Instagrammer. A number of high-profile comedians and celebs are in support of the effort, encouraging their followers to fuckfuckjerry. Ruggia and Hoffman are less well known.

The pumpkin sketch has nearly 29, YouTube views since being uploaded four and a half years ago. These situations arise way too frequently. In a video, she told followers of her newly-established account she [ Live on December Tickets will be available to the general public 10am PT on Friday, November [ Close Menu. Variety Intelligence Platform. Variety Mobile Logo. Premier Logo Created with Sketch. Reclino Love Lounge was a fake ad within the Sex Tonight sketch where Wilford Brimley pitches a sex chair for the elderly. Bankrupt Scrooge was a follow up to the Scrooge story where it's the Christmas after he saw the ghosts and is now bankrupt from all of the good deeds that he's done since gaining the Christmas spirit to where Bob Cratchit now looks like the jerk for not appreciated all of Scrooges efforts now that he doesn't have all that much to give.

The Bangles then took to the stage to perform In Your Room. This week, "Yasser Arafat" checked in via satellite to share his experience in Switzerland being that he's there for a peace summit and is more excited about his experience traveling than any efforts to reach a world peace agreement with the rest of the people involved. Kevin Nealon also got a segment where he started out talking about the deficit only to end up rambling off topic as his character usually does.

You Shot Me! Though DeVito was being a bully that actually shooting was a complete accident that he instantly regrets as the rest of the patrons pile on by guilt tripping DeVito into regretting the fact that he drew his gun in the first place. The Bastard Battalion was a WWII sketch which mainly consisted of soldiers being everyday jerks while throwing around the word, "Bastard," at whoever was being a jerk at the time of the example being shared.

Celebrity Restaurant was a sketch that took place in a restaurant that only lets celebrities into the main dining area while all the average attendees have to cram into a tiny bar. The main joke of the sketch is people having to justify their level of celebrity to Dana Carvey who is working the door.

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Danny DeVito then played an Amateur Guardian Angel to recreate the scene from It's A Wonderful Life only he jumped the gun and attempted to save the life of Kevin Nealon who never even planned to jump. This failed save leads Phil Hartman to arrive as DeVito's supervisor and through their conversation, DeVito wished that he was never dead. Finally, Danny DeVito closed the show by thanking the audience and saying his goodnights. Not only do they seem bored by the festive night activities but they seem even more bored by their pampered rich lives. They do a gift exchange in an effort to lighten the mood where Donald bought Ivana an obnoxious golden door for Mar-a-Largo and Ivana bought Donald a golden anchor for the biggest of his many yachts.

After the exchange, it's revealed that Ivana sold Mar-a-Largo to afford the anchor and Donald sold the yacht in order to buy the door but neither are worried because Donald already has a plan to buy everything back while forcing the buyers to give him a deal because that's the way he works. As always, with this being the opening sketch it ended with the announcement of, "Live from New York Game Breakers was a game show sketch where contestants have to answer trivia questions but there doesn't seem to be a joke.

That is until Kevin Nealon loses and Kevin Kline as host takes a break to walk Kevin down to the street and console while he waits for a cab as if this was an end to an awkward date. Victoria Jackson then stepped in as the next contestant and when Kevin Kline says, "Let's get to know our next contestant," rather than asker her question on the air he takes her out to dinner where the two have an awkward run in with Kevin Nealon.

Plug Away was a talk show sketch hosted by "Harvey Fierstein" where he and his guest blatantly plug their projects while Harvey also, "Just wants to be loved," which is the secondary topic of the discussion. In this week's installment "Jimmy Stewart" dropped in to plug that his movie Harvey is being released on VHS only to get kicked off the show by admitting that he wouldn't be interested in Fierstein even if he was gay. Jack Nicholson is the second guest to plug his upcoming role in Batman but also gets kicked off the show for not loving Harvey in a fictional gay scenario.

Peter Allen is the last of the guests to experience the same results.

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Bobby McFerrin then took to the stage to perform Drive. Unfortunately, though this segment was pretty good it was the only clip from this week's news that I was able to find on the internet. Kevin Kline then took to the stage to introduce a sketch that shared the Alternate "Big Chill" Ending where the surrogate sex between Kline and his late friend's wife is wilder than in the actual movie and Kline's wife is stuck in the living room where she has to listen to it all.

With Kline's wife being Glenn Close in the actual film the sketch eventually ended on a Fatal Attraction joke with her killing and cooking a bunny due to the pent up anger from having to hear her husband cheat on her for an entire night when it was supposed to be clinical sex purely for the sake of procreation.

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Desert Island Agency was a sketch that I couldn't find anywhere on the internet. Raspberry Response was a sketch where Victoria Jackson and Kevin Kline play a couple and Victoria responded to every single question from her husband by making a bored fart sound with her tongue to pooh-pooh his efforts to make small talk.

We then got a repeat of Roy Orbison performing Cryin' from the end of Season Finally, Kevin Kline closed the show by thanking the audience and saying his goodnights. Apparently, these prayers to get the devil to stay away were of no use because Lovitz eventually arrives as Lucifer and attempt to trick the holy one into selling her soul but she doesn't buy in and gets a Satan statue for her dashboard as a consolation prize.

First Guardian MetroCard was a fake ad for a bank that goes so far with their customer service that they actually call their clients when they see excess spending, not for security purposes but instead to act like a surrogate husband in a cliche world where men are apparently responsible with their spending and have to keep an eagle's eye on what their wives buy even if it's their own personal funds. Even after justifying each purchase, the ad still ends with Melanie Griffith appreciating the service saying it feels like she has a new dad. Miss Self-Esteem USA Pageant was a sketch about a beauty pageant for women who genuinely have a high sense of self-worth.

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We then met the three final contestants, Jan Hooks who is self-confident in a self-help bumper sticker talk, Victoria Jackson who isn't actually confident at all and is there by default being the only one to apply from her region, and Melanie Griffith who is confident in a New York that some might consider a bitch. It turns out that Melanie Griffith is the only one with a true self-esteem but that's because she's the only one who doesn't seem to try to fit in with the traditional views on what's considered feminine because she's unpolished and just acts like herself.

Nealon thinks nothing of this while Carvey is understandably freaked out. As soon as Kevin Nealon leaves the scene person after person notice and borrow the lip gloss as if it were no big deal, while the mouths of the people involved continually grow to be more and more disturbing ending on a big lipped alien who asks for a shmear. Little Feat then took to the stage to perform Let It Roll. This week, Victoria Jackson dropped in for a poem about a Christmas Tree that she recited while standing on her hands and dressed as the festive plant only she falls just before finishing her performance but she's graceful enough to land without getting hurt.

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The Sweeney Sisters then ended up in jail because they were mistaken for hookers due to their fur coats, big hair, and caked on lounge singer style make-up. It doesn't take long for the mix up to be resolved but during their short stay, they made a connection with Melanie Griffith so they say their good byes with a medley of jail themed songs. Love Is A Dream was a black and white dream of a sketch where an old Jan Hooks enters a bank to check her security box and the tiara inside sends her back to a colorized version of the world where she is young and gets serenaded by Phil Hartman as the two start to ballroom dance while Hooks joins in on the song.

This sketch also aired either on Phil Hartman's last episode or the weekend after he was killed, either way, it's pretty moving no matter the occasion it's connected to.

There's a really interesting tone to this sketch because it is clear that Nealon is being inappropriate while Melanie never even hints at playing along to where it feels like a bit of a modern serious message instead of something silly that just didn't age well with time. Based on the audience's reactions it was hard to tell if this whether or not it was ever meant to be funny in the first place.

Finally, Melanie Griffith closed the show by thanking the audience and saying her goodnights. Halfway through the conversation, the call is interrupted by Ronald Reagan who thinks he should be the one doing the congratulating being that he was the president during the actual season while Bush was just VP. After clearing up the confusion, Bush attempt to continue his call with Reagan constantly interrupting, unaware that he is still on the line. Eventually, everyone gives up leaving Reagan alone to announce, "Live from New York We then got a repeat of the fake First Citiwide Change Bank ad from the first episode of this season for a bank that specializes in giving out change.

During their conversation, it slowly sets in with Nancy that she is no longer the first lady and doesn't make the rules, which is a very difficult pill for her to swallow. This was followed by the second part of the First Citiwide Change Bank ad that played after the monolog.

Attitudes was a parody of a Lifetime Channel talk show with Jan Hooks and Nora Dunn as a pair of hosts who fight for the spotlight while attempting to interview John Malkovich who plays a Pacific Northwest artists who is almost a Portlandia character talking very unenthusiastically about the boring work that goes into his driftwood sculpting career.

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Meanwhile, as this interview continues to progress, the two hosts try their hardest to make this an exciting segment Gary Busey Motorcycle Helmets was a fake ad for a giant helmet and an even bigger helmet to be worn as a helmet protector being that this was around the time of his accident. Mocking Lord Edmund was a sketch that took place in with John Malkovich playing the titular Lord who accuses his love of mocking him even though she showed zero signs of even the slightest taught. Meanwhile, his two guards openly mock him behind his back.

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This pattern of falsely accusing his guests of mockery continues with the two guards making faces behind his back. This week, we see Dan Quayle struggling to repeat after the Supreme Court Judge while being sworn in as the vice president since most of the coverage follow Bush.

Sex offenders are suing as one Georgia sheriff places signs of 'no trick or treat' in their yards

We also got a retrospect of Reagan's presidential career and A. Whitney Brown dropped in for another great Big Picture segment about the inauguration of Papa Bush and how much money was spent on celebration before the victory was even official. We then went to a back porch family Bar-B-Que where out of nowhere a California Condor crashes into the sliding glass door leaving it very injured but not dead. This is such a big bird that it freaks everyone out especially as the men at the party struggle to put it out of its misery using a croquette mallet, a bat, and even a b.

The thing that makes it worse is the men are too timid to land a solid blow making this poor bird's last moments even worse than if they just left it to die on its own. Anita Baker then returned to the stage to perform Just Because. We then went to the White House back in to hear a presentation from Johnny Canal played by Malkovich who was a Davy Crockett type who was pitching the idea of building a canal system that runs throughout the entire country with multiple branches leading into every single town only his idea is quickly shot down when the politicians being pitched to question the feasibility of this system that doesn't make any sense.

Kevin Nealon then played a radio DJ named Tony Trailer to make fun of the early morning radio talk ups that make it impossible to enjoy the song as he interrupts every few seconds with news, weather, and traffic far after the song hits the post. Finally, John Malkovich closed the show by thanking the audience and saying his goodnights.

The Wicker Breakdown: This week's show started with A Message From Ted Bundy where he talked about the importance of a reliable energy source playing with the idea that his electric chair malfunctioned allowing him the time to give this message before round two of the state's effort to end his life. Since he knew he would soon be dead he added the words, "For now, I'm This includes a few dad just about now being married with a child which is apparently the only thing that changed as he ended his routine off with another tap dance routine just like the first time he was on.

This was followed by a repeat of the Carbon Paper ad from last season that makes fun of the dying product since this was the time the photocopiers started to be readily available in the workspace. We then joined Victoria Jackson and Jan Hooks who were having dinner at a fancy restaurant that is filled with celebrities and by the way they talk it's clear that this is a new hot spot because they're not used to this caliber of clientele.

After pointing out several big names in acting, Victoria Jackson notices Jesus Christ in the corner booth with three other biblical figures from his time. The rest of the sketch is made up of everyone in the restaurant bugging the savior with a piece of paper to sign. John Hiatt then took to the stage to perform Paper Thin. As World Turn was a soap opera parody with Tonto, Tarzan, Frankenstein, and Jane being the source of the episode's drama as Tonto informs Tarzan that Frankenstein is having an affair with Jane.

This time the trio sings Old Suzanna. Once again, Dennis Miller gave us the news. This week, Jean Dixon checked in via satellite to make predictions about the upcoming year mainly talking in circles without fully committing to a single word that she says.

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We also got to overhear what happens on the world leader chat line that's just as vapid as an average chat line seemed to be. Mike Myers also made his news debut as an angry Scottish character who yells at the audience for not knowing a thing about his motherland which doesn't seem to go over well at first but the audience is with him by the end. Tony Danza then played a working-class guy named Frankie who knocks on the door of a house that is so nice that the owners have a butler.

Tony then asks for the man of the house and it sounds like he wants to propose to his daughter and that the homeowner is offended because he's a working stiff. It turns out the man is actually offended because Tony wants to marry the man's wife and now it sounds like the two were having an affair until Victoria Jackson enters the room as the said wife and we learn that the two have never even met each other.

This confusion goes on for a while until two doctors from the psych ward knock on the door revealing that he's actually an escaped mental patient and is quickly taken away. Victor's Stakeout was a sketch where Tony Danza and Kevin Nealon are staking out a house from an apartment across the street. They have a man on the street who they talk to through an earpiece and we just hear their side of the conversation after discovering Victor's been spotted and the person being watched is now out to our undercover cop that is never seen while treating the eventual attack like it's not that big of a deal even though it sounds horrible based on their play by play..

John Hiatt then returned to the stage to perform Slow Turning. We then went to a diner for a sketch where Kevin Nealon is enjoying his lunch and gets annoyed when he spots Tony Danza checking out his meal leading him to aggressively ask What Are You Lookin' At?