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For example:. Criminal investigations are completely different from civil investigations. In a civil investigation, there is no possibility for the government to pursue incarceration as a penalty for the charges. Even though criminal investigations are more high stakes affairs, our firm has a record of securing favorable results for our clients across the nation.

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By far, the vast majority of our clients contacted us during the investigative phase, because delaying in such situations is never a good plan. The chances are that numerous agencies are working together as part of the investigation. During the investigative phase of litigation — the first opportunity to defend yourself presents itself. The difference could be crucial. In order for federal prosecutors to formally pursue criminal charges against defendants, a grand jury subpoena is utilized. If you have received a grand jury subpoena from the government, one of your first steps should involve contacting an attorney to discuss your next steps moving forward.

In federal litigation — experience counts twice as much. Our firm has a long history of achieving positive results for our clients and a knowledgeable attorney will know which documents to produce and why, and how to present yourself in front of a jury, if necessary. Taking the risk of hiring an unproven attorney or a lawyer that does not focus on federal litigation is never warranted at such a time. Seeking a favorable resolution prior to the trial is one of the strongest strategies available to your attorneys. Most charges are resolved during the pre-trial stage and an effective Minnesota federal criminal defense lawyers will know which steps to take in order to accomplish this.

This includes reaching plea bargains and negotiating effectively in order to secure leverage. During federal trials — the aim of the defense is to prevent the prosecution from meeting the burden of proof. This can be done several ways, not limited to:. Even if a guilty verdict is rendered against you — our attorneys never stop attempting to obtain a favorable result or sentence, as a way to minimize the consequences of conviction. Even though the grounds for appeals can be limited in a federal criminal trial, our Minnesota federal criminal defense lawyer have the experience to preserve potential appellate arguments.

It is beneficial to take some time to learn a few basic legal principles in the federal criminal justice system. If you would like more information about defending yourself against federal criminal charges in Iowa, we encourage you to read:.

The first step is to contact a federal lawyer. A letter such as that could be a major signal that you are the subject of a federal investigation. Our Minnesota federal criminal defense lawyers can counsel you on the next steps to take if you are the target of a government investigation. We have avoided indictments even for clients that had received a target letter or were told to be prosecuted. With years of federal litigation experience and a long track record of helping our clients avoid charges, our Minnesota federal criminal defense attorneys have obtained acquittals at trials, even with federally indicted clients.

Our attorneys can also help you negotiate a fair plea deal and reduce the severity of your indictment, even if there is no way to avoid sentencing. One of the first goals for your legal defense team will be to determine whether your investigation is civil or criminal in nature, because the difference is absolutely key. It starts with a free confidential consultation from one of our senior attorneys.

Our Minnesota federal criminal defense attorneys will help you understand your legal defense options and provide you with a roadmap to avoid charges. Do not hesitate to call us today. If you need a federal criminal defense lawyer in Minnesota, we encourage you to contact us immediately to schedule your free case assessment.

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Since crime is low overall, these offenses tend to stand out, and area law officers are constantly trying to crack down on them. What are they? Theft and rape. These crimes either approach or exceed state and national averages. In the case of rape, Buffalo is almost double the national rate and about 20 points higher than the State average.

If you have been accused of either of these crimes, do not hesitate to reach out. Burglary and Residential Burglary. Disorderly Conduct. Domestic Violence. Juvenile Crimes.

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Probation Violations. White Collar Crimes.

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No matter the charge, the sooner you retain an experienced representative, the better. Police officers and prosecutors love meeting with people who do not yet have a lawyer. It is far easier to get them to say something damaging to their case or to agree to a bad plea deal.

Evidence is very time-sensitive as it may take time to fully investigate, collect evidence, and locate witnesses. If some types of evidence are not gathered in a timely manner, they can be lost. Your chances of a positive outcome increase the earlier you choose an attorney to start crafting your defense. One of the reasons Mr.

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Keyser enjoys fantastic success is his ability to think outside the box. He attributes this ability to his background. Not only does he have military experience, he clerked for both the U. Department of Justice and the U. Department of Homeland Security, where he investigated and prosecuted for the U. Keyser knows how prosecutors and law enforcement agencies think, and he uses their strategies to help his clients. The breadth and depth of his legal knowledge make him a go-to person when media outlets need opinions on criminal law issues.

His firm and cases have been featured in:. Keyser is also recognized in the legal community for his success. Whatever charge you face in Wright County, Christopher Keyser can help. To schedule a free initial consultation with Keyser Law, P.