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Get the facts before you buy, ways to buy, fees, charges, cooling-off period, warranties, running costs, depreciation. Services and repairs, problems with repairs, maintenance, contaminated fuel damage, towing, vehicle collection. New and used cars, trade-ins, private sales, auctions, auto parts recyclers, roadworthy and registration. How to apply to the Motor Car Traders Guarantee Fund for compensation for a loss suffered after purchasing a car. Note: The dealer-installed options below comes from a generic list that may not apply to your vehicle.

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For an accurate list of your vehicle's available dealer-installed options, please visit the website for Acura, Honda or Volvo to see if these dealer-installed options apply the exact car of your choice. Get Started. How much money can CarBargains save you on your next new car? For more than 25 years Consumers' Checkbook has offered its service helping consumers save hundreds — often thousands — of dollars while bypassing all the hassles and high-pressure sales tactics of traditional car shopping.

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Nonprofit, Independent, Unbiased We are a nonprofit dedicated to informing and protecting consumers. Here's how it works Save thousands on your new car Our expert staff will reach out to collect bids from at least five dealers in your area - getting you the best deal possible on your next car. The New York Times.

In nine out of ten comparisons the lowest CarBargains bid beat the lowest Internet bid, even after adding in the service fee. Money Magazine. Nothing in any law requires you to sign a waiver of your implied warranty rights under any circumstances.

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If you waive the implied warranty and the vehicle breaks down, you will be responsible for all repairs! If the vehicle breaks down one minute or one mile from the dealership, you will still be responsible for all repairs! Buying a vehicle "as is" means you are assuming all responsibility for the repair and maintenance of the vehicle! As an informed buyer, you should consider whether negotiating away your implied warranty rights is really in your best interests.

Buying a car "as is," you will not have any warranty and little if any recourse against the dealer if the vehicle turns out to have substantial problems. Limited Warranties. A dealer may provide you with a limited warranty that would pay a portion of the repair costs for covered components during the warranty period typically 90 days or less. Be sure you understand the coverage and exclusions. You should insist that the dealer put all promises and representations as to quality and warranty in writing. If the dealer gives you a limited written warranty, the implied warranty cannot be waived, and you will have both the limited and implied warranties on the vehicle.

The availability of the implied warranty or a service contract does not eliminate the need for a thorough test drive and an inspection by a qualified mechanic. When a vehicle is sold, the seller this may be you if you have a 'trade-in' must accurately complete an odometer disclosure statement which will be submitted with an application to issue the new certificate of title. Get it in Writing. If you did not effectively or knowingly waive the implied warranty, or if the dealer made sufficient verbal promises about the vehicle's condition and what will happen if any problems arise such that an express warranty is created, you may be able to get the dealer to fix the vehicle at reduced or no charge.

But verbal promises are always difficult to prove and enforce. When a dealer's salesperson or manager refuses to put important promises or representations in writing, you should consider buying elsewhere. Further, since your signature on a document is very important, you must read everything before you sign making certain that any verbal promises are included.

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Service Contracts. You may be encouraged by the dealer to buy an extended service contract for the vehicle. Before you visit a dealership, you should find out what service contracts are generally available in your area and compare the extent of coverage, the maintenance requirements to keep the policy in force and the cost.

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You may request copies of various contracts offered by the dealership before you buy. You may cancel any extended service contract at any time and receive a refund. If you cancel within 10 days, you should receive a full refund. A full refund minus a cancellation fee must be provided to you if you cancel more than 10 days but less than 30 days of purchase and have made no claims under the contract.

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After 30 days from purchase, a pro-rated refund should be calculated on either time or mileage minus a cancellation fee.