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If you do not file this form, SERS withholds as if you had filed married with three withholding allowances. You should consult the appropriate tax department in the area in which you live to determine your obligations. However, SERS is not required to withhold amounts for state tax unless you indicate the specific amount you wish to have withheld. You should consult your own tax advisor, the IRS, or state or local tax departments for advice on your specific tax questions.

SERS cannot provide individual tax advice.

How to Get a Tax ID (EIN) in Ohio

Federal Tax Withholding Form. State Tax Withholding Form. Directions to SERS. Skip to content Toggle search Search for:. School Employees Retirement System of Ohio.

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Taxation A portion of your pension benefit is subject to federal and state income taxes. Federal Income Tax SERS is required to withhold federal income tax from your monthly pension amount unless you elect in writing not to have any withholding.

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All forms listed above can be electronically filed for free. Can I file my city tax return online? The Columbus Tax Division provides for the electronic filing and paying of certain tax returns. Please watch our website for additional filing opportunities in the future. Can I file my return now and have the payment delayed until a later date? Can I use my debit card to pay my taxes? If your debit card is branded i.

Master Card or Visa it can be used to electronically pay the tax. Like the credit card, a convenience fee will be added to your debit card transaction. Can the user make the IT15 payment via the web, but still file a paper IT?

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Does it cost if I pay my taxes online? There is no charge for paying any portion or all of the tax due if you pay by electronic check ACH debit. No, at this time you do "not" have to electronically file both the IT11 and IT This multi-account import feature is referred in the program as the Dynamic Web Import.

Please refer to the Main Menu screen for Practitioners for instructions and file layout of the Dynamic Web Import feature. If you do not already have an established account you may complete the online IT47 New Account Questionnaire. It may take up to thirty 30 days after your tax account has been successfully established for you to be eligible to receive a City-assigned PIN.

If you have an existing tax account and have not received your PIN by U. Mail or have lost the PIN you may request one by sending an email with you name, address and City tax account number to taxdata columbus. No PIN numbers will be distributed by phone or email.

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How far into the future can I set up a payment? Payments can be set to occur at any date in the future up to the due date of the return or a maximum of three months. How many days does it take from the day that the taxpayer submits the payment on E-Pay until the payment is deducted from their bank account? For e-check transactions, it generally takes about 2 business days. Payments must be submitted by p. If I electronically file the forms currently available will any paper documents need to be mailed to the Columbus Income Tax Division?

The Division of Income Tax may need to request supporting documentation on certain returns but it is not anticipated that a paper copy of the electronic forms will need to be retained by you for possible submission to the Columbus Income Tax Division. If my return indicates tax due, when is the latest I may file my return and make payment to have both considered timely?

E-filings showing no liability will be considered timely filed if submitted no later than p. Eastern Standard Time on the actual due date of the return. A timely filed return will not equate to a timely paid liability if the return is accompanied by an e-payment and submitted later than p.

Obtaining a Tax ID Number (EIN)

Eastern Standard Time on the due date. You will be asked account specific questions before the account will be unlocked. What credit cards are accepted? Currently, MasterCard and Visa are accepted for paying any remittances with these electronic returns. What do I do if I discover that I have filed to the wrong city on the form after I have submitted the filing?

If you discover that you have reported information to the wrong city, you will need to file an amended return. You cannot electronically file an amended Form IT Amended forms can be faxed to the Tax Division but should be accompanied by a copy of the printed Confirmation page.

What do I do if I forget my password after I have established it? What if my bank account has a Debit Blocker but I want to be able to make e-payments for my city income taxes? If you have a Debit Blocker on your account and you wish to have your bank allow e-payments for city incomes please call the Tax Office at and inquire as to the specific procedures for removing the Debit Blocker for these particular e-payments.

There is a specific ID that you will need to provide to your bank. What is the latest I can submit an e-payment and still have it processed on the day of submission?